Wednesday, 1 June 2016


I’ve shed a tear,
For Im still here.
In this Dogs Home,
I feel all alone.

 It may sound dreadful,
I feel like a nag,
But I just want a home,
So my tail can wag.

I love to run, along the beach,
But now that life, seems so far out of reach.
For no one wants me, and I’m left here.
I wish I had someone, who I could love dear.

Maybe I’m hoping, and wishing away,
Because no one has seen, how I love to play.
I hope that one day, this will change for me.
You have no idea how happy, that would make me be.

I’ll continue to wait, as I have for a while,
But surely it’s me, who can make you smile?
And brighten my day, as you would mine,
Together, I know, we’ll be just fine!